Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Launching today, the Bureau of Drawers is pleased as punch to announce the very first issue of THE BUREAU OF DRAWERS QUARTERLY, our all-new all-digital and completely free anthology!

Featuring artwork and stories from Bureaucrats Amanda Robinson, Marc Palm, Adam Watson, Scott Faulkner, Jon Morris, Stevie VanBronkhorst, Breanne Boland, Sarah Taylor, Adam Eivy and Carl Nelson with cover art by Nikki Burch!

The Bureau of Drawers Quarterly Volume A will be available only as a free digital download - so if you see anyone selling copies of it from a station wagon parked by the side of the highway bearing a hand-painted sign reading "BOROUGH OF DRAWS QUATERS - $1" then that guy is a PHONY!

Spread the word, tell your friends, download a bunch - one for every member of the family! What have you got to lose - except the edge of your seat? (Wait, I think I did that wrong).

Download a copy in convenient .CBR format here (right-click to Save As):
The Bureau of Drawers Quarterly (CBR)

Download a copy in even more (or possibly less, you tell me) convenient PDF form here (right-click to Save As):
The Bureau of Drawers Quarterly (PDF)

 Check out these sample interior pages!


(PS: This is also our first foray into digital comics, so please bear with us if you run into any technical issues with your download. If you do come across any errors or problems, please feel free to drop a line to the Quarterly's editor, Jon Morris, it would be greatly appreciated!)


  1. Gah! I love it. I just read the first 15 pages and I'm hooked but I have to get back to work. Will read the rest before the meeting tonight. See you at Racer!

  2. Needs more cowbell.

    You should package this as an app on Amazon.

  3. Thank you for offering a .cbr version, you're awesome.