Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The Bureau is very pleased to announce the release of its second digital anthology, THE BUREAU OF DRAWERS QUARTERLY VOLUME "B"

This volume features artwork and stories from returning Bureaucrats Scott Faulkner, Jon Morris, Stevie VanBronkhorst, Sarah Taylor and Adam Eivy plus new contributors Sean Poppe, Tyler Hill, Abe Olsen & Angela Boyle and Vince Aparo, behind a cover by Amanda Robinson!

Plus - as a special bonus - BODQ Volume "B" includes excerpts from The Bureau's first anthology minicomic, BLOOR: URANUS IS THE GREATEST THING, featuring work by Dalton Webb, Ed Trumble, Tom Dougherty and Nikki Burch.

The Bureau of Drawers Quarterly Volume B will be available only as a free digital download - so if you intend to hoard digital copies of the anthology as a bartering tool in a post-apocalyptic scenario where modern society has crumbled like so much chalk and paper money has lost its value, then you will be shit out of luck!

Spread the word, tell your friends, put the hurt on our servers and download like crazy! It's new, it's free, and we love you (sorry, that last part just slipped out, but we've wanted to say it for years)

Download a copy in three convenient formats here (right-click to Save As):
The Bureau of Drawers Quarterly (PDF)
The Bureau of Drawers Quarterly (EPUB)
Check out these sample interior pages!

This volume is dedicated to all of our friends at Cafe Racer. For information on how to help, please visit

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